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Installing a gas spring into Crosman rifles without an NP index
Thanks to airmec from Canadian Airgun Forum for help with edition.

The question of installing gas springs on Crosman, Stoeger and other Chinese Gamo clones is actual for more than 10 years.

It would seem that everything is simple, this guns is a Chinese counterfeit Gamo hunter 440 of the old model, it would be logical to assume that the installation of NP is performed in a similar way.

Yes indeed. You can take and install a gas spring in Crosman, same way in Gamo. The rifle will be cocked and fired ... for a while.
But one day, usually it happens somewhere through box of pellets, the rifle simply ceases to cock.

One important part, the stepped spring seat.
In Gamo rifles, its main purpose is to hold the original spring. The stepped spring seat is thrown away when installing gas spring on the Gamo rifles until 2010.

In clones, the spring seat performs a very important function, it supports the trigger block.

Without the spring seat, trigger box is deformed and presses closer to the compressor tube. As a result, the sear will not be able to be cocked.

It looks like this :

And sometimes, bracket of trigger is broken off.

In order to avoid this, you need to buy or make a new spring seat, which will support the trigger box.

Now you can proceed directly to work.

Unscrew the three screws and remove the stock.
Do not lose the bracket. If the bracket came out with all the iron, it is better to install it back into stock.

Unscrew the trigger bolt. Use 10mm wrench.

Extract pin. Smoothly release the spring.

After that, break the barrel, and remove trigger box from window.
Extract the piston. Do not lose the plastic U-shaped insert!

Remove excess lubricant.Make sure that the grease does not get into the zone in front of the seal, otherwise the dieseling will not be avoided.

Insert the piston and level rod.

Now you need to install the trigger box.

Pay attention, the sear should lie on the shelf. If it falls, rifle will not be able to be cocked. Plus, hardened sear inevitably do damages to the gas spring.

The spring guide must be removed from the spring seat.
It is better to pull it all out and throw it away.
However, in this case, it is allowed to simply cut guide.

Take the centering part and attach it to the rod with grease.
All these parts are carefully put in the rifle.
Make sure that the part does not come off the rod and rests to bottom of the piston.

The spring seat will rests against the trigger box. When assembled, the plastic rear cap will hold it in this position.

The trigger box is held in place according to original factory calculations.
It is on this principle that were made Crosmans with NP, the rear cap in these models centers the one-piece spring seat in position and support the trigger block.

I strongly recommend installed gas springs in Crosman and Stoeger only in this way.

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